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Our vision is to develop principled students prepared for life after graduation



Get involved at DJHS by being a member of the Dauphin Parent Action Team!

Mission Statement

The Dauphin Parent Action Team (DPAT) exists to strengthen, enhance, and encourage the educational and social environment of all stakeholders at Dauphin Junior High. Its goals are to compliment and provide input into school-wide decisions while providing beneficial opportunities for parents, teachers, administrators, staff, and students to learn, socialize, communicate and grow.


Membership is voluntary and highly encouraged. All parents and guardians of Dauphin Junior High School students are encouraged to fill out a DPAT contact card in order to place membership. This card allows the DPAT Board to contact you about events for which you may be interested in participating or volunteering.

The DPAT Board represents the DPAT membership body. This Board is composed of DPAT members who are either elected or appointed to Board positions by existing members, or school administration. Presiding over the board is a Chair (parent/guardian of an 8th-grade student) and Co-Chair (parent/ guardian of a 7th-grade student). The Co-Chair moves into the role of Chair when their student becomes an 8th  grader.

A $5 initial membership fee is requested at the beginning of the school year.


DPAT operates on a fund developed solely through outside contributions and fundraising. An optional $5 initial fee, paid at the beginning of each school year, is encouraged, but not required. The money to sponsor DPAT activities is raised through DPAT membership fees and annual fundraising events. Money is deposited into the school account identified for DPAT using a DJHS Deposit Slip. The chair and co-chair will have access to the funds, with all requests for funds having to be approved for use using a P.O. request that must go through the school principal. 

Programs and Events

The DPAT sponsors a wide variety of programs and events focused on involving the stakeholders in the educational process of the students at DJHS. Examples of events sponsored by DPAT can include, but are not limited to motivational speakers, parent-focused workshops by specialized professionals geared toward educating the “whole” child, parent skills workshops, registration orientation and website workshops provided by guidance, and internet safety awareness provided by DARE officers.

Measures of Success

The achievements of the Dauphin Parent Action Team can be measured in the cooperative spirit with which parents, administration, teachers, staff, students, and the community work together to share their care and concern for Dauphin students.