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Our vision is to develop principled students prepared for life after graduation

Statement of Student Learning

Statement of Student Learning for Dauphin Junior High School:

Dauphin Junior High School’s purpose is to provide all students with a 21st-century education by preparing student graduates to be successful in realizing their personal, educational, and professional ambitions.  Core class offerings, such as math, English Language Arts,etc., are used to promote and teach the skills necessary for this success. Elective classes, as well as the media center, play an integral part in this process, offering students diversity in learning in an effort to allow exploration of interest. Students are reminded each day through daily newscast of the characteristics and expectations of DJHS students.

The faculty at DJHS adhere to the Alabama College and Career Readiness Standards in order to prepare student graduates to be successful in realizing their personal, educational, and professional ambitions. Student learning of the ACCRS is measured by student performance on state standardized test, given each school year; the progress monitoring data collected through classroom formative and summative assessments; and common assessments are given in each core subject at the end of each nine weeks.  

Student learning at Dauphin Junior High School is enriched through student-centered lessons, student collaboration, student choice, real-life application/connection, and the effective use of technology.  Teachers work collaboratively to develop student-centered lessons that are related to real-life as much as possible, and that allow students choice and voice in their learning.  Technology is used as a tool in instruction, and teachers and students at DJHS have access to technology either through a classroom set of Chromebooks or by checking out iPad or Chromebook carts from the Media Center. This allows for students to be provided as many opportunities to enhance the learning process through the integration of purposeful technology use as possible.

Communication is also key to student success, and in an effort to promote this necessary component of student success, Dauphin Junior High School uses several different tools.  Our website is the first form of communication that our school uses.  Teachers are required to keep their individual teacher web pages up-to-date, including posting assignment, projects, lesson plans, and contact information.  Also, there is an option on all school websites in the district for parents to sign up to be notified via email or text of any important school news, such as inclement weather alerts.  Next, our school and district use a phone all-call system called School Messenger to connect with parents, students, and the community about upcoming events or special alerts. This system not only uses phone alerts, but also sends email alerts to parents and students allowing for multiple means of communication. Teachers also use Google Classroom and the Remind app to keep parents and students up-to-date on homework, project due dates, and other pertinent information.